Friday 29 April 2011

Congratulations Wills and Kate!

Oh what a lovely day today.. just in case you happened to miss it (!), it was the Royal Wedding.

We sat and watched it from around half past eight this morning right through until it went off air. And what a lovely day it was too. I was really happy to know my Sis, Lesley, in Canada was sat watching it at exactly the same time as me too.

I'm really pleased to have watched Wills get married - I sat, like many others, and watched Charles and Diana get married all those years ago, and watched when he made his first appearance outside the hospital. Not that it seems like long ago at all!

Doesn't Michael look like one proud father - and the minute he said that she looks wonderful.. how lovely!

And wow... look at the wedding cake. Isn't it magnificent? So much work went into that and apparantly it was decorated to take on parts of the State room it was displayed in.... and twelve individual cakes made up the bottom layer!

Well. Don't they just look so happy?

The uniform and the dress - just wonderful and so perfect!

What can you say?? The beginning of married life for such a lovely couple.

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