Wednesday 13 April 2011


What a great start to the day.

Last night was really good at class, and I thought today things would just become a mundane sort of day. lol. However, imagine my surprise when I was looking through the Challenge Blogs this morning and found out I had got a top three and a top five award with my cards for the Promarker Challenge blogs!! If you click on the 'challenges' label on my side bar, you will find the links to the blogs there.

I have done as I was told, and placed them very proudly on my sidebar!

But here they are just in case you miss them.. lol.

Don't they look lovely?

Well... after sharing that exciting news, I must get on with my work - this week is just going so fast! And I need to be making some jewellery for my jewellery demo at Gadsby's in Leicester this Saturday, and also some work I can't share at all for the Creativity magasine.

Right.. I'm off.. have a great day whatever you're upto.. (And Tracy... get back to work!! lol)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jo

    There I was sat with my cuppa this morning at 7.30 logging on to your blog....only there was no early posts....

    Congrats on the challenge blogs. You always make great cards and look forward to the class on a Tuesday.


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