Wednesday 20 April 2011

a post full of photos..

It's been a while since I managed to upload some new photos of the furbabies, so I took advantage of the good weather that we've been having and treated the camera to a bit of fresh air. It was then a challenge to try and upload them onto this new computer to edit them. Still, I managed it and here they are. So grab a cuppa cos it's a looooooong post!

This lovely lilac is in our garden.


The colour of the lilac is beautiful against the clear blue sky, and it smells so lovely! I can't believe that when we first moved into the house I thought it was a weed and spent many years cutting it down! Well... you live and learn I guess.

And look what lurks in the undergrowth - a furbaby!


This one is Mr Scoobs.. our gentle giant. He's such a beautiful boy, and he loves his photo taken. When he sees you with a camera, he sits and smiles.. lol... then shuffles until he's in the right position. Such a wonderful boy and I honestly can't understand why someone didn't want him, but at least it gave us the opportunity to love him more!

Awwwwww... my lickle Lollyflop..


No. Lollyflop isn't her real name. She is actually Princess Holly of Tashasti.. or Holly for short! But she does get called Lollypops, lollyflop, Hollywolly.. lol. And yes, she answers to all. But alas, she doesn't like her photo taken, but she is a bit of a stunner if you can get her attention with a dandelion clock (which is what I did!!!)

No photos of little Truly today - she was too busy rooting around for any stray birds and beetles!

So this afternoon as it was still lovely and sunny, we took a walk upto a different woods to where we usually go - this one is fondly known as Bluebell Woods.. and it is!


This is just a small portion of the woods in one direction, but there are tons and tons of bluebells up there and it looks beautiful.

Aren't they just lovely?


And as Scooby tends to jump around when you point a camera, it suprises me that this little lady was still wondering about!


And lastly, I just had to share this little photo with you.


Now... when the woofers are playing with balls or pine cones (a definate favourite!), if you throw them and Holly gets to them first, she sits on them and refuses to let Scooby have one. At this point she is often called Grotbags, and Scoob has to just sit there waiting for us to get his ball as he won't take it off her, whilst she sits there looking around to make sure he's not near! So funny ...

So there you have it - a day in the life of the furbabies.. and a camera that doesn't come out too often! lol.

Hope you enjoyed it. I'm back tomorrow with a little card for you, so check back soon!


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  1. Hi Jo, Lovely piccies whereabouts in Armthorpe is that lovely Bluebell Wood please. Your cards are really inspiring I always follow your blog Also do you prefer Promarkers of Copics.



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