Thursday 29 October 2009

Sweet as Sugar..

Sometimes, I love crafting.. sometimes I love taking photographs. And this last few days has been no exception to the latter! Just look at this tiny little dot.. isn't he just beautiful?


He is the new little brother of Martina's friend at school. He is just so tiny - I forgot how small newborns actually were!! And he is so alert too!

Here are some more piccies -


Just look how tiny these little hands are.



And what about baby feet.. isn't there just something about them that makes you want to touch them? So stinkin' cute!


This is all I'm sharing from the photoshoot at the moment.

I do promise that I'll upload some cards for you shortly. I've been having a few days off everything crafty, so I could spend some time with my lovely hubby.. but he's back at work today after five days at home. Later this morning, I've got a business meeting down in Derby but will be back this evening with a few cards - fingers crossed!



  1. very cute jo.. ilove the black and white one... just something about it that looks brill... couldnt you just cuddle him all day..!!! lol

  2. Hi Jo

    I love these photo's, they are adorable. The black and white ones are beautiful, and so classic.

    Hugs Debbie xx

  3. Awww he is so adorable and your pictures are stunning.
    hugs Mel x


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