Friday 2 October 2009

Friday already...

Oh sigh... finally the weekend.

I think I will be back fully on form to start work again properly on Monday. My bruises are healing and although I've still got a bit of pain I've managed to do bits this week, but not really got stuck into what I needed to do, so roll on Monday 10am.. then I can start all over again. lol.

So.. the weekend. I have had a lovely few days at home with my wonderful hubby, just doing bits of this-and-that, not much really, but now it's Friday, he's gone off galavanting with my son to Leicester.

Leyton has bought himself a new little car - a Corsa VXR. It's a limited edition number (there are only a few been made and each one numbered) and gawd, he's drove us batty over it for the last few weeks whilst it's been built and shipped to England. Jeez that boy has no patience! lol

Now it's in Leicester, and all ready to be collected... and Leyton is now all sad to say Bye Bye to his beloved Penny Punto. *sigh again!** This is the car, but his has a black trim I think he said -rather snazzy eh?

I know how he feels.. we all get attached to our cars don't we? I know I'll miss my Harriet Hyundai when she finally departs. lol.

I have also got a bit of empty nest syndrome this weekend too.

Tomorrow sees Paul, Leyton and Martina off to Kent until Monday. The boys are off to Brands Hatch for the Touring car meeting, where Leyton is on track with a drive past of all the VXR's to mark the end of their touring car team or something, and Martina is off to London to buy a Heat magasine.... with her Aunty.

The only one at home - but not because she's at work - is Carley.. so you never know.. I may just get started on next week's work a bit early! Either that, or I'll spend my day looking through the new Stampin Up catalogue and walking the wooflets.

I have 10 christmas cards to make , then start work on some cards and things for the website which is up-and-coming. I also have a lovely little keepsake box that needs decorating for Sunday and a card too for Carley's God-daughter's christening.

So.. that's all for now.. more cards to come later!

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