Sunday 25 October 2009

ooooh I feel poorly...

Yesterday was my Wedding Anniversary - 22 years - and to celebrate, my lovely hubby and me decided to take ourselves out for a meal. Just by ourselves. One our own. The two of us!

This is something that's not usually done, so it made it even more special. Usually, whenever we go out for a meal the whole family come with us, we very rarely have time to ourselves.

Anyway, we decided to go off to our favourite, Woodfield Farm.

They make the most scrummy meals, nothing like posh nosh bits of this and that, but a proper plate of dinner. But with me not being able to eat dairy, yeast and all the rest of the gajubbins, it was hard to find something that I could munch on. So I decided 'to hell with it' for one evening and ate my way through my steak and kidney suet pudding, garlic mushrooms, etc etc. To top it all off, we had Banoffee pudding - but both mine and Paul's eyes are much bigger than they should be, so they came as a cakeaway.. cool name eh?!

This is the inside of the restaraunt. It is really lovely and cosy.

The staff down there are really lovely too. But honestly, their cakes are to die for!!

As a result of my scoffing yesterday, today I am feeling a little worse for wear. I feel sicky-wicky and a little bit off colour.... well.. rather green around the gills.

So.. more waffle tomorrow about my adventures at the craft show. xx

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