Thursday 4 June 2009

Guess what?

It's birthday time!! Yep - it's official, I've reached the grand old age of 21! Well, I'm working a few years in arrears.. but I still feel 21 and that's good isn't it? So, what did I do to celebrate? Well.. I went and got myself inked.

This one is just above my wrist, and is still looking a bit pasty, but as soon as it's healed, it will be shocking pink and blue. However, I still haven't got the one done that I wanted, so will share that one when I get it! And I'm not telling you where either! (and nope, Julie.. it's NOT there!!!! lol) I was going to just have a drink for David, as he would have liked that Nikki tells me, but I thought this may remind me of him a little bit more, and it lasts forever. I hope Nikki likes it too.... here y'are babe.. this one's for David!!

So, what else has happened ? Well. As I said in a previous post, I had taken our pusscat Kiara to the vets because she had a problem with her tooth. The tooth was easy to get out and she has some antibiotics because her jaw is infected, but as they were checking her over, they found a lump in her mammory gland and said it was cancer.

This is exactly what we had with Asti a few years ago now, and as you know we lost our baby two years later with the same thing. I am really thinking that I don't want her messed about with really, as it's a largish lump and I would rather her not have to go through it.. sigh! We'll have to make the decision shortly, but I think that the decision will be to let her be. She is nearly 12, and I don't want her to go through all the pain and healing for it to take her life in the end anyway, which it most probably will. Why is life so tough sometimes??

Apart from this, as I say I had my birthday.. I got some beautiful cards, which I'll photograph and show you later, but for now, I've pinched this from Monica's site (Thanks Monica!) as it's the card she sent to be with me yesterday. It came this morning.. great British Royal Mail eh?!

It is really beautiful. It is a base of pink card with a vellum overlay on top. Very classy and prettyful.

I got some lovely prezzies too. I got perfume, handbag, clothes, handbag charm, a ring.. I can't remember what else there was now.. but I loved every one of them!

Right... I'm off now to get some more work done and then take the pups for their afternoon walk. See ya later everyone xx


  1. Hi Jo, Happy Birthday to you. Hope you enjoy the rest of the day. Love the tattoo, you are a braver woman than me!!!

  2. Hi Jo,Thanks for the comment everythings ok i just need to get back me mojo now,i have made a card today will pop it up tomorrow though cos its a bit late.
    Like the ink looks great:)
    Hugs Val xxx

  3. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day, The ink looks fab :)

    jo xx

  4. Hope you had a great birthday!!! Great card by the way!!


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