Sunday 28 June 2009

Blinkin' Computers!

Don'tcha just love em?

I'm typing this from my daughter's lappy because mine is acting up today! I've a few cards to show you too, but can't upload from this one as my DD doesn't have the software.. lol.

So what's up with mine now?? Well, my oldest daughter was using it earlier to upload some photos onto facebook and it just went off. The charger wouldn't charge, and after around five hours we've (well, me and the tinternet!) have established it could be the power cable.. that was after thinking it was major renovation time with a new motherboard and even a bit of soldering needing to be done with my power connector! (how professional do I sound?)

Well.. I've replaced the batter on it for now, plugged in the AC cable and it's sat in a precarious position being charged! (did you know you can run the lappy without the battery in place? I didn't! lol)

Oh well.. will come back on later to upload photos, but thought I'd keep you all in the know.. I know you wanted to know.. and I needed to tell.. haha..

see ya soon x

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