Tuesday 9 June 2009

Hum Drum days...


This week has just flown so far, and I can't believe it's a while since I last posted! We've been out and about in the garden doing a few things, and then life just takes over and it seems I don't get time to do any crafting, journalling on here, or browsing round the net - not that I've felt much like it anyway this last few days.

Don't you just find everything samey-samey? I have had a quick swizz round this morning, and everything is as it was... nothing notoriously wonderful has happened in the WWW since I was last online, no great news stories (well, apart from BNP being in EU now - oh the joys!) and nothing major to report from life in Doncaster.

So, if you have anything new for me to look at, or to read, or just to share, then leave me a comment and I'll come a knocking! hehe.

I did however, have a lovely conversation with my lovely Nikki the other day... she's not doing so bad, all considered, and it was great to be able to make her laugh. I have missed our chats, but I know she has more important things to come to terms with and deal with/sort out, and she knows I'm here if she ever needs me. Still can't believe it - two weeks today since David died, and I expect someone to ring me and tell me it was a belated April Fool. Oh well.

Right... off for now.. hopefully I'll be back later with some new pictures of new cards, depending on if I can find my camera cable!! lol..


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