Monday 15 June 2009

Fur and Petals..

Apart from a little bit of crafting last night at my workshop, I haven't even lifted a pair of scissors all weekend! The weather has been absolutely wonderful this weekend again, so we took the opportunity to do a bit more of the garden, planted some pots up with the bedding plants and went to the garden centre to buy me a new honeysuckle and potentilla. I love honeysuckle, but we had to lose this and the potentilla last weekend when sorting out the garden. Anyhow, we renewed them and they're waiting to be planted.

Yesterday, I just went outside with the camera to try and re-establish my love of photography, and here's the results - our cat, Kiara (who got diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago, so all photos are going to be treasured) and some of the Sweet Williams that Carley bought me before she shot off to London last week.

Hope you like them.


  1. Look at your beautiful photos (something I aspire day!) & gorgeous furry friend! LOVE the font you use - will be back often...& have to check out your SU! blog too!

  2. I was so in awe of your beautiful photos I didn't read about Kiara until I'd commented. She looks such a precious well loved family member - so sorry for your/her sad news. I'll wish for good weather for you both to make the most of time gardening/lazing in the sun together.

  3. Your photos are just fantastic-i wish i could get such great shallow depth of field in my photos


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