Sunday 15 July 2012

Busy? well... just a tad...

I'm in the middle of a busy couple of weeks, but I'm not complaining because I have the best job in the world. But it is busy. And I am doing a fair bit of running around, but it's all good fun.

for instance.. This last week I spent the week creating projects for next week, and projects to create on TV this weekend. Next week, I've appointments and demo's and also having a run down to the beautiful Bournemouth to film some future episodes of Creativity TV.

Yesterday, I was in Manchester at the Lowry Centre, and met some absolutely wonderful ladies and gentlemen.. Pat, Hilda, Elvis to name a few.. but each and every one of the customers who came to spend some time with me is worthy of a mention. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and from the feedback I got, so did they.

I did promise to upload a few samples - and I will - but I am currently down in Peterborough at Create and Craft for the day.. so tomorrow afternoon it will be on my agenda!

Next week, I'm up in Sunny Southport at the Range. Will you be popping along next Saturday to see me? I do hope so.

Well.. must dash... speak soon all!!!

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