Wednesday 2 February 2011

New home

Ooooh now... posting three days on the trot.. that's a first for a long time isn't it?!

It's just a quick card from me today because I'm out and about doing what I need to do, but I know I haven't shared this card with you.

When my daughter moved out, I promised to keep her 'posted' and send her mail hopefully each week.. lol.. Does anyone else do that??

Anyway, this is one of the cards I sent her. It's a new home card, and what perfect image to use than the Stampin' Up Neighbourhood wheel. I love this image.


The trim was done with a MS punch and I added some of the lovely aqua PM pearls. the wording is glittered, but it doesn't show too well on the card.

Right.. onward and outward, I need to make a move.. so take care whatever you're upto today.


  1. Beautifully coloured and I like your doodling. It's been such a pleasure visiting your lovely blog - thank you.

  2. Jo Jo Jo....lovelerly as ever!!!
    How is Carley liking her new place? Hope its close by too. Thanks for the address too but could you please send it again??? Pretty please?... as the piece of paper i wrote it on went and got chucked by gary by accident gathering the recycling! grrr
    Love to you allxoxoxoxo Wilma


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