Tuesday 22 February 2011

Fancy a cake?

And yes.. it's the full fat, squidgery type..

I had a bit of a baking day on Sunday, and this was the result.. they went down a treat too!

I also just wanted to share a couple of photos of the wooflets, taken by Martina the other week.


I love this one of Truly.. typical Truly.. laid on the floor, one eye open keeping an eye out for whatever may happen.


And this is just sooooo Holly. She is such a beauty, but refuses to look at you when you have a camera in your hand.. lol.

Whatever you're doing today, enjoy it!


  1. What beautiful photo's of your dogs, I have a cat that always looks away from the camera probably because of the flash. Thanks for showing us all the cuteness.

  2. Ahhh sorry i missed u on skype love....uhmmm but i'm still waitin for u to pass me one of those luscious lookin cupcakes to me thru the monitor.....!!! oxoxox

  3. Beautiful furbabies! And yummy looking cupcakes!!! Two of my favorite things...dogs and food!


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