Thursday 27 January 2011

Well.... that's not a sparrow!

That's exactly what I said to my hubby when he came in from work last night!

My post today is about this little guy .....

Yesterday I was sat in my craft room doing some tidying after my class on Tuesday evening, and I looked up from under my table and saw this bird sat on the fence.

Now, obviously I knew it wasn't a sparrow.. but I wasn't sure if it was the bird that flew into the garden at around 200mph (you think I'm joking??!!) last year trying to catch the sparrows and birds that were feeding.  At the time, my hubby asked his work colleague, Andrew, what bird it could be, and obviously there were a few different ones we could choose from.

So, yesterday, this little cute bird was sitting on my fence... and honestly, it was quite large, so I grabbed my camera and big lens, and took this photo.. not a brilliant one, but there you go. Now isn't it the cutest birdy?
So, I printed out the picture, and said to my hubby... 'Now, THAT's not a sparrow!' ... and of course it isn't..

According to my birdy-spotter book, it looks like a Sparrow Hawk. But it doesn't have beautiful colours that an adult one has, because it's just a juvenile.

I feel quite blessed having my craft room overlooking the garden and all the little birds.. where's your room? What's your view? I'd love to know.

And do you have a name for your room? Hubby calls mine the Studio.. I don't know what to call it yet, other than the Hovel... lol.


  1. we had a sparrow hawk in our garden the other day, it was very inconsiderate and didn't wait to have it's photo taken :-) I'm not so lucky yet to have a craft room, I have a craft corner xx

  2. What a fantastic bird to have visit your garden and to be able to see him/her whilst you scrap! The view from my scrap space is looking out to our drive but at least I can see the postman when he delivers any crafty goodies!!
    Will be seeing a scrap page of all the lovely birds you keep seeing in your garden?


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