Monday 31 January 2011

Tweet tweet... so sweet..

You know, I love my job... I love working for Docrafts, and I love meeting lots of lovely people when I do my demonstrations.. but most of all, I love all the lovely papers we get sent every two months to play with!

But, this paper, Birdsong, really wasn't my thing. I opened up my kit in dread knowing that it was going to be facing me at some point. Green?? Me?? No way! I don't like green paper, in fact, green in general, and I don't like bird prints.. or orange, or in fact other 'earthy' types of colours.. so this filled me with panic.

However, after looking through the rest of the kit, I opened up my Birdsong and found it was really lovely! There is probably one sheet in there that is actually a bit too brown (not green!!) that I'm not too sure about. But I knew straight away what I wanted to do with it.

And this is what I wanted to do -


Since our 'bad' experience in Arran in 2008, the photos have been printed and stored in the deep dark depths of my memory.. until I got these papers, and I thought 'Perfect!'. The colours and designs that are in this pack are just right to go with this project, and the birds? Well, they are well matched too because we saw lots of scenery whilst out hiking on Arran and lots of birds that came into the garden along with the red squirrels.

This is one of the inside pages -


and this is the other..


I used some of the stickers from the Birdsong range to decorate up my album. The journalling still needs finishing off, but all in all, a good start was made to my collection of Arran albums.. so now, onto number two.. and I'll show you when it's ready!

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  1. These are just my kind of colours and I love your little book.


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