Monday 24 January 2011

Fur and feathers..

Sorry for the delay in posting to my blog, but things have been really hectic this last week - and the next one is  probably going to be the same too! However, I may have company come the end of the week as my sister in law has broken her wrist.. so may need to be here..... we'll have to see. She does worry me sometimes as she is in Kent and we are in Doncaster.. and even though it only takes a few hours to get there, it is a bit concerning sometimes in case things like this happen! Tilly - you need to be nearer!!!

Anyway.. work is still busy - I have been upto County Durham, down to Bath, across to Southport and this week am staying in Doncaster! I don't mind doing the miles, as the people who come to the demo's are sooo supportive and always welcoming. It's also great to exchange ideas, and sit for a few hours with like minded people. However.. the trip to Southport was a bit scary - the fog as you drop down out of Manchester was a bit thick - a real pea souper!! But the hoar frost on the trees and surroundings looked rather lovely. So, I'm in Doncaster this week as I say, so if you're passing, come along and say Hi.. it would be lovely to see you.

I'm also seeing a few crafty friends this week - one of them, Lynne, owns a fabulous little craft haven - the Craft Den in Sheffield.. honestly.. what a corker of a shop.. so many beautiful things and Lynne is probably one of the nicest people you could meet.  I'm also going to see Jane at the relatively new Unicorn crafts, where I do workshops. We have a few planned in, so I will put them in my diary as soon as I have definate classes. We always have such a laugh so I'm looking forward to seeing her.

I am also currently working on a new project, something that I've wanted to do for a long time, but never really had the chance. I'm keeping it under wraps at the moment, but will reveal and give some hints soon when I know where I'm going with it. However, I've a feeling it'll get put on hold again if I get too busy.. lol.

So many things to do, so little time! In between all my appointments for this week, I will probably do a bit more painting. I have had some oils for a while, and never really played with them, I'm a watercolour person really! But, I watched Bob Ross on the TV the other day and last night, did one painting. First attempts weren't too bad, and if I get a picture later, I'll show you. It makes a change from making cards I guess.

So.. onto my photo for today - only a photo because I haven't photographed my cards! - and it's one of a cheeky little robin that comes into the garden. I have two actually.. and they don't fight.. I thought they did as they are quite territorial aren't they??

The picture isn't all that clear, as it was taken through the window.. I am currently working in my 'indoor' room instead of the shed. I'm still sorting out my craft stuff into there as I moved in after my daughter moved out at Christmas.. but I want to keep it more as a spare room, than a craft room... and it's taking some doing! lol. But still.. I can sit in the warmth and look at all the lovely birds that grace our garden looking for their food.

I will get around to photographing some cards to put up on here this afternoon hopefully. So please check back soon..

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  1. If you are coming up to Cambridge I sure would offer you muffins and tea! and a chin wag too! Deary! Hugs always! G


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