Sunday 13 September 2009

A Grand day out...... or two!

It was actually more of an afternoon, but nice all the same.

When I woke up this morning, i decided to make a trip upto the Papercraft show up at Harrogate. I wasn't sure if I was actually going to go, mainly because I was working yesterday.

I had my demo up at the Range, Doncaster - another brilliant day. Everyone was so lovely (they always are) and the staff were great as usual. I saw some regulars and some newbies and it was wonderful to meet you all. We shared ideas, techniques and lots of chatter. I got the most amazing text message from one lovely lady called Mandi. It's nice when people can take the time to say how much they enjoyed the demo.

So - today - Harrogate.

As soon as I entered the building, I bumped into Jill (from the Stamp Man). By 'eck, she gives the best cuddles! It was so lovely to see Jill again, it was at another show when I last bumped into her. We share a love of spaniels, as well as other things crafty.

So, as I carried on my merry journey, I found lots of fantastic stamps, but resistance is futile and I did buy a few. **sigh**.  I also bumped into a few great folks along the way.

I saw Lynne from the Craft Den in Sheffield. I met up with Net, who was trying to decide between two snowmen stamps lol. I got another cuddle from the lovely Amanda Bateman and we had a natter like we always do. Then - to my suprise - hehe.. I met Pat Taylor. A wonderful lady who demo's for Docrafts. She always asks how I'm doing, and it's great to chat to her when we meet up. Lots of cuddles there too. I'll have to make a point of meeting up with her more often!

Who else did I see? Laila and Lisa from Lili of the Valley were at their stand. It's so nice to put a face to a name, and not just talk over the phone as we always have.

Phyllis and George were there from Diamond Card Craft, so cuddles there too with Phyll.

Everyone was so busy it was difficult to stand talking to everyone.. so Hi to Kim from the Craft Emporium, we chatted a little, and she's got all my contact details and we'll be talking more in the future. Bev Rochester was there, doing her fantastic colouring as usual. What an inspiration she really is! We talked for a while about different things.

Ali Craft were there, nattered to them..

It seemed to be the order of the afternoon really.. lol.. walk a few steps, talk a little, etc...

Great afternoon all round. Pleased to be home again, with my nettle and peppermint tea - Bliss!!


  1. Hi Jo, pleased to hear you had a good day too. It was nice to see you again.

    It is always lovely to met and chat with all our crafting buddies old and new. Hope to see you soon Lynne x

  2. Hi Jo

    It was a lovely surprise seeing you today, glad to hear you got lots of cuddles and had a good day!!

    Love Jill x


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