Friday 11 September 2009

Howdie y'all..

sorry for the lack of posts lately, things have been a bit hectic here.

Yesterday, I was back at the hospital for another check up at the Jasmine Centre. This is the breast care unit in Doncaster hospital. I had been there a few weeks ago to have a lump checked out. It turned out to be a cyst and it was sorted.

this time, my check up - I thought - was the same thing, but it turns out not to be quite the same. They couldn't aspirate it with a needle, so have taken a sample to do more tests, then next week I'm back for the results - and possibly another ultrasound and biopsy.

It's been quite worrying really, but hubby came with me yesterday, and today we've had a lovely morning as he took today off too.

We went upto the Range in Doncaster where I am doing a demo tomorrow for Docrafts. They have got all the Christmas stock in, which is great I must say. We then did a bit of shopping.

This evening we took the dogs out again, and we took them to Cantley Woods. They love it up there.. however, there was a bit of a distraction tonight for them.... there were b-aliens in the field! lol.

As we walked along the edge of the fields, the farmers have been out bailing, and the pooches didn't like it one bit. Holly was growling and was very nervous, and Scooby was very unsure too. Truly didn't really care too much. They were the really big round bails - hence b-aliens.. lol. It was so funny.

And, I'm pleased to say that Scooby has made friends finally with three lovely dogs we meet quite often up there.

There's three Irish Wolfhounds that we usually see, we have for the last few years. The male one who Holly played with as a puppy is Rodney, there was his mum, and then the new addition who is just over 6 months old. She is Daphne. And for very large dogs, they are soooo gentle and graceful. Me thinks that I would like one - along with me pig, a bull, ducks and a few chickens.. lol.

Right.. bed time - I'll be back soon with a card or two shortly. x


  1. Big hugs to you at a worrying time chick!


  2. Hi Jo

    Sorry to hear that you are having a worrying time at the moment and hope that all works out OK for you. I hope the fluffy ones are giving you extra love, as well as your family.

    Jill x


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