Wednesday 13 May 2009


Time?! Where does it go these days? We're already on Wednesday, and this week has just absolutely flown by!!!!

So, what have I been upto? Oooooooh boy lots of fun, that's what!

Saturday went by in a whirl.. I had a demo at the Range, Doncaster.. and my god, it was busy!! Everyone is loving the new product out and I enjoyed myself with my regular customers and friends.. we had a blast and lots of laughs! Thank you to all of you who dropped by to come and keep me company (and spend lots - but hush hush on that.. the men may be reading.. lol) The new butterfly punch 'flew' out the store, and by around 10.30 we had none left at all.. fantastic.. but they are soooo lovely!

Saturday evening, my lovely daughter decided to treat us all to a meal at Woodfield Farm. It is such a lovely atmosphere down there, and the meals are lovely (not least very big!!!!) By the end of my starter, I was absolutely stuffed, but persevered and finished my main, and then had a LARGE piece of banoffee pie to finish - I was soooooo bloated, but jeeeez, so worth it! And I didn't gain a pound, so that's even better! Thank you Carley, you're a treasure. You see, in our house, we share everything. Leyton, my hunny of a son, treats everyone one month, we do the next, and then Carley does the one after.. we take it in turns.. which is so lovely! Martina will join in when she's old enough too I guess.. but for now, she can just enjoy everyone else's generosity.. lol.

Sunday - not quite sure what happened..long walks for the puppies, town to do a bit of mindless shopping! And that was about it really.. just a general nothing sorta day - a lovely day at home with Hubby and family!

On Monday, I nipped over to Selby to see my 'Mummy' from Stampin Up.. Monica. Oh we had alot of laughs, and I loved her instantly! She's such a doll, I can tell you she is so lovely. We had a natter, lots of giggles, cuddles and then lots of creativity! We made our way up to her little crafting paradise and did lots of crafty bits.. not least this stinkin' cute little frog!

Now isn't she just the cutest little fwoggy you ever did see??? We had a dabble making some basic ones to start with, I'll show you mine later!!! And then Monica made this little cuteser! The only part I really had on this card was the lily pad.. cut freehand and then inked around and some lines embossed into it.
The hours just flew by, and I just managed to get home in time to make dinner, have a bath and flake out for the night!
So onto Tuesday, and well, the time just went again! I had to get my car fixed in the morning. The gear stick was having a few personal problems and kept disappearing into the floor! I've never seen anything so wierd in all my life, but I'm reckoning it's just a Hyundai thing.. lol.. It's held in place by two rubber squares, and they had worn out, so I picked up the replacement parts that I'd ordered last week and made my trip over to see my buddy Mark, who works at Motosave.. He's such a darling. He insisted he wasn't taking anything for fitting then (well, Trev fitted them.. Mark just watched lol). So, half hour later, I was on my merry way back home.
I then did a bit of cooking - vegetable bhaji's (yum!) and Carley made some carrot cake muffins (even more yum!).. off to make the dogs... do dinner... then relax! Day gone!
So today, I have loads of samples I need to make for this weekend - LOTV bits using some fantastic new products, and Debbi Moore - again using fantastic bits and pieces!!! Oh lucky, lucky me!! I love my job!
And between now and Monday, I have some prep to do for my workshop, details coming soon - there's noone really nearby who reads this I guess, so as long as the ads are up in the local area, it doens't matter I suppose.. lol.. It never ends does it? I wouldn't ever have it any other way though. Life is just perfect and I am thoroughly enjoying myself..
Don't forget though, if you fancy becoming your own boss to and working for yourself, then get in touch.. Stampin Up could be the way to go!! I'll tell you all about it.....


  1. Workshops? What's this - I am local!!!! Tell me more or email me

    Zoe x

  2. Wendy - Anntaurus15 May 2009 at 00:13

    This is so cute and the colours are wonderful!!

  3. Aww I love the lickle fwog. xxx


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