Tuesday 19 May 2009

What the heck is happening with Blogger????

I give up!

I've got lots to show everyone and bloody blogger is playing up again!!! It's been like it now for days and I can't upload a group of photos..

in draft blogger, it comes up with a .do file that won't download images unless I put them on my photobucket account, and in normal blogger, it won't let me nudge the pictures down the post when they *annoyingly* go to the top of the page!!


I feel better now! Never mind, I can upload to photobucket later.. it's just such a farce....... what does anyone think of wordpress? Is that any better??


  1. Hi Jo I've not had any problems myself but I know that a lot of people have and have moved over to wordpress xx

  2. Ive never been able to shuffle the piccies on mine, it does the thing where it looks as though you can move them but they flick back to where they were...and thats me being technical lol. Aww you sound as though youve been run off ya feet Mrs lol xxx

  3. Jo...don't think I can help with the photo upload thingy but I have found that I have much better luck with just using highlight,cut and paste to move my photos around in the text box when I'm typing. That is what I did when I first started blogging, and just never changed. HTH

  4. Try Firefox... it's an IE thing...

  5. I though tit was just me, it's been driving me mad it's taken me all day to be able to actually sign in to blogger in the first place!


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