Wednesday 20 May 2009

Belated Happy Birthdays..

Because I was having problems uploading my photos.. I couldn't show you my pics of the Birthday Girls..

Holly and Truly have both had their birthdays this month. Holly was 2, and Truly was 3.

Here are the girls enjoying their special days..

Here's Holly.. little Miss Sweetness. Always loveable, cute and lovely.


And here's Truly.. as you can tell, often life is just too much! I know it's not a brilliant photo, but I just love her when she's asleep.. lol.. if you knew her, you would too! She's got ADHD I'm sure!!


Now, of course I can't not include my beautiful boy... Here's Scooby..


This photo is quite comical for us.. now Scooby is quite a cutie-patootie anyway, but between me and you, he just loves his Ted Ted.. He took it to bed with him every night until a few weeks ago, when I reckon Ted Ted must have been snoring too much and he chewed his nose off! As you can see, even when Scoob's was plodding around the house, he had to go and find his teddy to keep him company. Cute! Love him!

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