Wednesday 22 April 2009

A new little something...


We got ourself a new passion woofer wagon.. lol..

Did you also notice the private number plate? hehe.. Nope.. we haven't got one really, I just had a little play in photoshop.

I'm loving the car, although I haven't driven it. It's really comfy, very stylish, and is perfect for Holly, Scoobs and Truly. It's a Volvo V40, which looks absolutely clean and luvverly ..... and it's got light wipers! How cool!!

Now all I need to do is to get my little Atoz cleaned up and it'll be back to normal - it's been the dog carrier since the other car was written off last year.


  1. Does this mean you get your car back..full time like lol. Its lovely but why you crossed passion wagon out I dont know, you know you got it right first time lol. xxxx


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