Saturday 4 April 2009

Have you seen it? Have you? Have you??

Well, I'm here at last and able to share some bits and pieces with you all.

As you will of course, all know by now, my premier showing of my debut (!) on Create and Craft is on tomorrow, so I thought I would give you all a sneak preview of what things you will be able to see on the new Diamond Card Craft shows that are coming up.. These products are all available also through the wonderful Diamond Card Craft website, as are a variety of other must-have products!

First, I'll show you the new book that is on the show..

This book is the perfect compliment for the Eazi Box and Eazi Score board. There are over 30 projects in it, and some are very special ones from yours truly!

There are also these stamps available - brand spanking new to Diamond Card Craft and let me tell you, they are stunning! These are on another show due out shortly.
Here are some samples for you.

And using these stunning little stamps - made exclusively to go with the Eazi Score board - you can create fantastic little projects like these... I hope you like them as much as Phyll and I do!
There is also a CD on offer - I don't have a picture of it at the moment, but you will see some items from it used tomorrow on the show - and here are some samples from that too.. The numbers on some of the cards are from the Eazi alphabet templates..
So don't forget the show SHAPED CARDS WITHOUT TEMPLATES.. and especially don't forget to let me know what you think..
Take care xx


  1. what great projects love the teddy bear!

  2. wow Jo, these are fab!!!! Looking forward to the show :o)

  3. hi jo
    i have a reminder set .. so i will remember to watch you.. it will be fun seein you on i can tell everyone i follow jo's blog before she was on create and craft...lmao...!!!! and i love your card samples.. you have been busy.. and they are all stunning...!!!

  4. They are all stunning cards.

  5. Oooh Im liking the one with the 6 pointy star shape on. There all great but thats my favourite. I need one of them score boards lol. xxx

  6. wow they are very cute stamps and i love the cards you have made with them.
    Jo from WA

  7. More gorgeous cards! Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog - and of course I would love to be featured - what a huge honour! I have taped your programme so will watch it soon !!

    jo xx


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