Thursday 2 April 2009

Easy Listening...

Yep.. it's official... I loves me lickle phone!!

There was a track on the radio the other day whilst in the car, and it was lovely.. I didn't know what it was, so pulled I stopped the car, fumbled with my phone and used Track ID to find out what it was.. it's quite a useful little gadget actually. (there are quite a few of these on my phone!)

Anyway, it spat out the name Faith Hill, You'll be there. So, as soon as I got home, we had a look on the HMV site and purchased the album! Great stuff! That was Friday, and we got the cd yesterday - we also got two Nickelback albums (I love these guys!).

Faith Hill is a little more easy listening than Nickelback, but I love it. Here's the album cover.


  1. Oh yes a little Nicklback for me too.
    And i also love Faith hill. good little gadgets them would would we do with out them ?

  2. Love & have both those cd's Jo!
    Faith Hills song There YOu'll Be came out around the time my mom passed away in 2001 and everytime i hear it i think of her....makes me cry happy tears every time!
    Love you all Sister
    Lesley & fam


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