Sunday 1 March 2009

I'm rich! I'm rich! I'm rich!!

I just can't believe my luck this past couple of days.. here was I sat on Friday thinking I wish I had more money for crafty spending.. and here I am on Sunday a multi millionaire!

I got an email yesterday from Daniel in Nigeria who informed me that I'd been left £1.5m and I just needed to email him to claim it.. *reminder.. still need to do that*

And today - I've been awarded £12.5m by the FBI in Washington! Apparantly, that was found after checks on my bank account and had been fraudently taken! Whoops - I have so much money I'd not noticed! All I need to do to get my money back is give them all my personal details, addie, phone numbers, passport number etc.. then they'll transfer it through to me by ATM transfer **reminder 2 - I need to find my passport number**

Oh.. bugger... just remembered - I also got an email off the Alliance and Leicester to say that my bank account had been frozen on Friday evening because of unauthorised accesses.. ! Darn it.... it's impossible to keep up with where I have bank accounts with all my millions..

I really need to get my finances sorted.. maybe Joshua in Nigeria could help the FBI and Daniel to ensure I don't get in this mess again..

Right .. off to find my passport number for that ATM transfer..... anyone want a share??????


  1. Ah lucky you, My Abbey Account was frozen the other day too. Funny that being I am with RBS.( Oh Poo!!!!Think thats probably worse.LOL) Pop over to my blog to collect an award.

  2. wow..lets share our congrats together hun..cause ive had loads of emails this week as well...just like are millionaire' hoo cant wait for my cheque to come though..and just in time for the hobby craft

    im still hopeing and dreaming

    and don't psend your all at
    hugs and congrats clarex

  3. .... and there I was thinking I was the only one!!!! Jo, you are hilarious but I wonder if anyone really does send their details off. Hmmmm scary thought!
    Have a fabby Sunday. I am just about to head off to the range to het my D&D goodies - woohoo, think I might have to ring Joshua to see if he can fix me up with a loan, lol

  4. Well Jo, I have to say that the Feds contacted me as well. I thought 'what a generous bunch'. I then went 'woo' and 'owww' in an American fashion then I realised it was just some random scamster lol xxxx Then I cried!! Hugs xxx

  5. Wahoo we're in the money, we're in the money. I'm sure we can find a fab pyramid scheme for you to invest your multi-millions :) Kim


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