Wednesday 11 March 2009

A few pics - just for Aunty Julie!

Well, what a week it's been - it's Wednesday already and I must say I'm shattered! I've got most of the work done that needs to be done, and still have lots more to trudge through .. oh the joys eh? But I love it, and this is my dream job, so I can't really complain.

I thought I'd nip on this morning to share a few photos with you all, as I can't really share any of the cards I've been working on.. so these are a mix of different things, and a few especially for my sis from my youngest, Martina.. just because she knows how much Aunty Julie loves her cakes!
This is a Red Velvet cake. Martina made it herself from the Rachel Allen cookbook that she got for Christmas. It looks really yummy, but let me tell you it was even more so!

The icing that is in the middle and around the outside, was just like the middle of those little chocolate marshmallow teacakes that you buy.. delicious!

I know it's March, but don't you just love it when everything in the garden starts to grow? Here's the fuschia bush just starting to bud... every year it comes back looking more beautiful than the last. And even my little daffs are growing.

These are the miniature daffies, the heads when they are opened are only around an inch in size. They are beautiful. Since this photo was taken at the weekend, they are now fully open and look great. A lovely splash of colour in a very dog-scruffed garden!

Talking of dogs... look at this little beauty.. !!!!!!

This is Holly - laid in her usual nightly dossing position! She's so funny.. Both Holly and Scooby lay out on their back, and even Truly has done it a few times..

And here are some snapshots of the pupsters from the other day.. enjoy!

This is a lovely pic of Truly. She has come on leaps and bounds since being here nearly a year. She looks completely different to the little matted up, raggy, uncared for dog she was when she arrived from Ireland last May. She is a proper little madam now, with a wonderfully cute personality. And the one below is Miss Snuggly position. She absolutely adores her cuddles. She is such a baby!

Ohhhhh swooon! My handsome boy, Scooby.. He's such a stunner and I love him to bits -my cheeky boy.. He thinks he's a little wall flower, when in fact he's a 26 kilo brick wall! But he's just wonderful and is such a character!

What appealing eyes.. and they're probably thinking 'please will you make me a cuppa tea and let me have a fishy bite!'.. Boooooooooooooooooootiful!

And here's my little Holly. She is so sweet and shy. She just woke up when I pointed the camera at her, I couldn't resist including this little shot of her. She doesn't really like her piccie taken, so to get any at all is a bonus. What a hunny she really is. Bless..

This last photo just had to be included.. This is Kiara, she's one of two cats who live here with the pupsters. She is quite elusive at times so to have her near to have her photo taken is quite a pleasure. lol.

Little Kiara was found years ago -well, 10 in June actually, by our old dog Asti. She had gone for a walk with the ball, down a little lane near us with my hubby and son. Paul threw the ball and Asti went to fetch it, quickly coming out with around 6 little kittens following her. They had all been dumped in a carrier bag in a hedgerow. Paul and Leyton carried them home (no.. not in the carrier bag!) because the road was actually quite a busy road then, and the RSPCA came out to fetch them. We decided we wanted to keep Kiara, because they didn't think she'd survive. She was the smallest one, just around four inches long, and about 2-3 weeks old they guessed. Here she is 10 years later, as cute as a button.

Anyway.. I'm off for now.. photos uploaded, waffling done, now for cards to be made....

see ya later!


  1. Awww, tell Martina well done on the cake, it looks gorgeous. I think my niece may just be the next Delia Smith. Hope everything went ok yesterday and now BREEEAAAATHE lol xxx

  2. i love the kitty :) but not happy about the cake pictures!! i'm on a diet and that didn't help!!! lol

  3. That cake looks soooooo yummy!! The dogs are awesome too!!


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