Tuesday 11 November 2008

Autumn wonderland.

This must be my favourite season. Every time I take a walk in the woods with the little furballs, the scenery has changed.. there are leaves falling, the beautiful autumn colours, lots of different things growing everywhere!

These are a few photos I took today.. have you ever tried to take photos with a cocker spaniel pulling on your arm and a lumpy springer flattening what you want to photograph??!!

It's a real trick I can tell you!
Whilst on my knees photographing the funghi, I noticed all the little spikes all around the edge of this one!
Another little mushroom stood standing all by itself......... until it was flattened by the Scoobmonster!
oh my lord I hate these things!! But the texture was something I thought I'd capture. Why do I hate them? Well, have you ever tried to get a dozen of them out of a long eared springer and cocker?? They grip on for life and don't want to let go no matter how much chocolate cake and scissors you threaten them with!!

The Beauty of Autumn. What else can I say?

I told you Christmas was on its way! The berries on this piece of holly were so vibrant I couldn't resist a quick snap!

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  1. You look like you had great time exploring the wonderous season and all its beauty.


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