Friday 14 November 2008

Crafty morning prep work

I've been busy crafting inside today as it's a bit chilly.. brrr... so I moved in with my kit for tomorrow, just so I could run up a few demo samples. I'm off to Shirly in Birmingham first thing in the morning for Craftime, so I hope I don't bump into the NEC traffic..

Here's what I managed to get done:

The background on this card was created with the mesh from below...
... and the reindeers on this one, match the one below..
And the paper at the bottom of this one was torn, like - you guessed it - below..
This one uses the foam christmas pack, as does this next one...
I used a paper frame on this one, cut the aperture and stamped acetate with permanent pens.. fancy cutting like this one...
I created a little cut topper for this card and used the brilliant glitter papers... the glitter doesn't fall off!
Well, that's it for now... it's the first time I've managed to link from one image to another on a post. . it was fun actually! lol..
See ya later!


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