Friday 8 January 2016

From Glam to ......


Hello again. 

I told you I would come back and share another glamorous Kensington bag with you today if I could.... although this one is slightly less glamorous, as it started life out as a fishing box. That's what I wanted to make with it. But I couldn't find my fishy-wishy that came in my Tonic Rococo Pets set, so I had to turn it into something a little bit different. That's why the basket has brown ink on it. 

So how are you today? Have you dried out? It was a rubbish old day here in London yesterday - very wet, and cold, and I just couldn't get warm all day. The heating in the room was set to 24 degrees to see if I could warm up, and I was still freezing. I think I will bring my hot water bottle next time!!!!

I have three shows left to do today down here in the Studios, then I am making my way back up north to finish off samples on Saturday, ready for shows on Sunday for the CHA launch. But of course you will be able to catch Jodie up on the shows on Saturday. Exciting times. And something I am hoping you will love - cute and sweet comes to mind. 

Onto the basket, and you will see that it's a slightly different version of the handbag. It has been turned upside down and a base created for the 'top' section. And a top has been made to slide over the 'base' section. As I say, it was meant to be a fishing basket, but had to decorated up differently... so I bought on the bling. 

I hope you like it... you can fill with choccies or whatever you decide... 

Until next time. xxx

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