Tuesday 10 May 2011

A tutorial for you.

It's just a very quick post for today.. as I really need to catch up with things from yesterday. But I did do another little video, that you can see below, on how to tie a bow. This is one of two ways I tie my bows.. both of them are always from the reel so that I don't get offcuts. The other is just slightly more complicated... so decided to upload this one. This is also how Cheryl down in Craft Central ties her bows.. so it's not exclusive to me. I hope you can follow it. 

Now... as you will notice when watching it, that there's a space in the middle - I don't know what happened when youtube uploaded it, but there was obviously a spanner in the works.. I'll upload it again sometime today if I get chance. 

Well.. enjoy. I will be back tomorrow with a card or two.. promise!

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