Thursday 26 May 2011


I've just come on to say sorry for the lack of updates and cards on my blog.

My laptop was collected yesterday for repair.. so I'm borrowing my daughters laptop until my spare one is up and running again... it's doing some sort of disk check or something, and the battery is no good, and the charger is a bit floppy in the charging hole so it just drops out. There's no wonder I bought a new one!

As you probably know from a while ago, I bought a new laptop a few days before christmas, and it had a little problem with the webcam. Well.. to cut a long story short, it went to the Whatever Happens (PC World repairers!) to be repaired.. haha.. what a joke. It came back worse than before.. the web cam was totally misplaced, and even though they 'hadn't been into the lid of the laptop' it had scratches around the top corners. So.. away it went again.

At this point, it had been away from me for nearly three weeks.. and went back the following day after its return. I waited another two weeks for it, and it came back with the webcam in place... but the whole of the internal section of the lid (near the screen) was hanging off! Oh.. let me tell you I wasn't best pleased when they said it had to go back into the workshop again !

I was well peeved, as I had had it around 2 days in about five weeks! So I refused to send it back and took a trip to PC World. Very patiently ( for me!) I stood and told them all about the saga I'd had, and the lovely manager offered to replace it. So... I came home with a brand new, shiny and in full working order, laptop.

However... now around four weeks later, the laptop doesn't load and keeps freezing.. so off it's gone to India to have the hard drive replaced by Dell.. I obviously didn't take out the extra insurance from PC World (I wonder why...?) and contacted Dell directly. Other than the language barrier.. lol.. their service is second to none.. absolutely fantastic. (We have another Dell in the house and the system completely crashed two years after purchase.. they sorted it out after five hours on the phone at their cost.. brilliant!)

So... that's my update on my lack of photo posting... although I will get my spare laptop up and running later if I can. After all, there are so many challenges out there and I'm missing them at the moment.. lol.

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