Monday 21 June 2010

Bunnies and sunnies

What a beautiful day it is today! I think I'll need the sunglasses when I take the dogs later on. Lovely sunshine and warmth out in the garden to mark the longest day of the year and it's great.

Today I thought I'd share the finished card from the other day. How did you like the slideshow wassamajig.. clever isn't it? I might do a few more of these for you when I get chance. At least that way, you can see how some of my cards come together.


Here's little Bunny all finished and layered up onto the card.

And here's the card in full.


It was nice to do a card for a fella for a change. I went for the clean and simple type of card, no flowers (!) or other decorations. And as the man it was for likes rabbits and gardening, then it was just the perfect image.

I am off to schedule some more posts for you for the next couple of days as I am busy making wedding stationery.. Oh how I love my job!

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