Friday 18 June 2010

Does this work?

I've been sat since around half past five this morning making bits and pieces on Photoshop for my very good friend, Lynne. I've made headers, blinkies - you name it, I've done it.

It's been really good to sit and have a faff on Photoshop and I must say, I do get a bit addicted to what it can do.

So - today, I finished colouring in a little Bunny for a card I'm making for Carley's father-in-law, so thought I'd continue playing with photoshop whilst I was at it.

Look what I made!

colouring my rabbit

I took photos on each step that I did, and merged them to create this little film. I still need to faff with the quality, but it's getting there!

FYI, I used prisma's for the colouring and sansador to blend it.

Hope you likey..

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