Thursday 4 February 2010

Whoo hoo..

After a few days rest, I'm all fully refreshed and raring to go again. This last few weeks has been busy, but this week I decided I was going to take a bit of time to myself and get some things done.

The first thing that needed to be done was to go and get my nails done. (aaaah, the life!!!) so now I fully back to how they should be. I've got another couple of shows booked on TV for the 15th February so they really needed to be done for then. There's loads of prep to sort out for those, so Friday onwards will be really busy.

Anyway.. onto what I have to show you.

Before I get to my card for today, I really want to show you Scooby from the other evening.


Now is this chilled or is this chilled?

Hubby and son were putting the TV back on the wall when we turned around and saw this! What a nutter. How he can think that this is comfortable is beyond me! But hey, what do I know.. I haven't tried it!

So.. here's what I was upto earlier this week.


Wedding Stationery!

I got an order for some stationery before christmas, day and evening invites etc, and when I dropped these off, I was asked to do some place names. They were delivered on Monday along with the table names, seating plan and other bits and pieces. I don't like the names off to the right, so next time will make them more central.

I have also been making some cards for the commission I got from Creative Cardmaking magasine, but obviously can't share them. Today is write up day.. so computer specs on and typing fingers at the ready.

Now, look at this...


For those that come to my demo's and think that everything always goes right for me.. check out the above card! What a disaster. Now I realise why I never use my sizzix and embossing folders!!

I really do think this card is naff, but thought I'd upload for the laugh. LOL.

Right.. that's me off for another day.

Check back later for more projects.
Jo xx

1 comment:

  1. Oh Jo I just adore your wee dog!
    He is just lovely, our dog does this too hee! Love the wedding stationary, just nice in the black and white tones!! xxxx


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