Wednesday 17 February 2010

Those early mornings..

Blimey, they take alot of time to get caught up with don't they?

I was up early - I was going to say the crack of dawn, but even that was too late! - on Monday to get down to Chez de Crafting for an early 9 o'clock show, followed by another at 12. It is what seemed to be a veeeeery long day. However, the sun rose whilst I was nearly down in Peterborough and it did make for some lovely scenery. Shame I'd forgot my camera - duh!

I was using the wonderful papercrafting kits on the first show, and did stamping on the next. So lots of prep was done for these. I did have some help with the samples for the stamping show from my wonderful matey, Sheila, who is proudly now one of my 'Designers'. lol. What a title to bestow upon her eh? hehe.

She made some wonderful cards to take down with me, and I love that because she has a completely different taste to me card-wise... apparantly, I'm 'girly girly' (moi? Girly?) and she's a bit of a grungy person.. but alas, the cards were amazing and really liked by la Maison de Buzzcraft which is where they are currently residing.

Here are a few samples for you from the new stamp sets - these were from the female (notice my Stampin Up punch along the top - I love love love that border punch!)

And a variety from the mens.. (scallops from the Stampin Up scallop punch, and footballs punched out with the 1 3/4 circle punch.)

Yesterday, I took a drive upto Bradford with Martina, to deliver off the samples and a copy of the show on DVD for Andrew. You know, the weather was appalling! It was fine when we left home, quite sunny, but on the way home there was hailstones, snow, rain...  what a day!

Now today, I have a very important birthday card to make for a wonderful lady called Kay, (well, actually, it's not for her, it's for her neice who's 21.) and I have some organising to do for looked - forward - to event over at the Bullcroft Memorial Hall on Monday evening... do you want to come along?

The Stampin Up 'Do' will be held at Bullcroft Memorial Hall, Carcroft, Doncaster, on the 22nd February, 7pm to 9pm. If you'd like to come along, we are making three fantastic projects for £5 and raffles and refreshments are included. There will be lots of inspiration, lots of help and advice if needed, and a last chance to bag  your FREE Stampin Up Sale a Bration stamp sets with your orders - catalogues will be around to look through.

So, if you'd like to join us, me and Sheila would be delighted to see you. Just email me at or telephone 01302 726633 to reserve your place.

Well, that's it for today.. I really need to get photographing some bits and pieces for you - I've got a Valentine Swap set of cards that I'd love to show you all... loads of inspiration there I can tell you!

See you soon xx

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