Sunday 7 February 2010

Mmmm.. aint this true?!

I've just found this through a link someone gave.. I read it, and thought.. mmm.. isn't this so true! So thought I'd share!

I have never made anything perfect. 

 Nope, not once. I might have come close a few times, but there was always the stamped image that was just a little crooked. Or the bow that didn’t come out totally right. You know. Life-or-death stuff.

I have, however, made some really great things that made other people happy and were fun to do. For example, I sewed a scalloped baby quilt that had some wonky spots at one edge. Does my daughter care? Not a bit. Do I wince a little every time I look at those spots? Well… I’m trying not to. 

Here’s an equation for all of us who worry too much about perfection in our crafting:
Being creative ≠ being perfect.

Being creative is about renewal. And having fun. And feeling connected to the generations of women before us who did the same things. Only today we have even cooler and more diverse materials to work with, unprecedented ease of communication, and a modern design sense to bring to the table. Hello! What an incredible time to be a crafter.

Simply Handmade exists to celebrate making useful, pretty things by hand. And to provide you with exactly what you need – step-by-step instructions, helpful patterns, and lots of pictures – to recreate these same projects yourself… or to simply get inspired as you come up with your own lovely creations.

I’ve been excited for this magazine ever since it was a little seed of an idea being tossed around among our editors. This is what I love. If I were a kid, this would be my candy store. So I am thrilled to be in a position to share these beautiful things with all of you. Let’s create.

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