Monday 31 August 2009

oooh.. loving this CS2!

I really need to thank my lovely friend Rosie for helping me track down a reasonably priced Photoshop CS2.

My hubby and I (oooh do I sound Royal?) called in to see Rosie and drop off a few things last week on our way to Kent, and it was a lovely visit - even if rather rushed! Now I'm planning to go and spend a day with her in the very lovely craft room (I could live in that room.. I really really could... !!)

anyway, back to the subject.. I've been working on Photoshop 7 on my older laptop for quite a while now, but since updating my lappy the other week, it wouldn't reinstall on this one.

Too old a copy for the graphics card on the new laptop. Darn it!

So.. I quizzed my darling Rosie about it (she is the Queen of Knowledge!) and I'm now upto date again, with CS2 and Lightroom after much recommendation! Wahoo!

They arrived on Thursday last week, and I've gotten around to installing them.. can't get to grips with LR.. but have relished in playing with my new CS2. One feature that I have found I really really love is photomerge.

This is what it spat out a few minutes after opening all the piccies - I took a few of the Channel Tunnel entrance in Folkestone, with anticipation of piecing them all together myself later.. but photomerge helped me out without much effort..

Thanks Rosie.. you're a star! Love you for eternity for showing me the way to CS2!

Here's the pic. Now.. you should be able to click on it to enlarge. The settings were on auto for this quick pic, so that's why there is a few different shades across it. Sorry x

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  1. You're very welcome chick! Don't for the life of me ask me how to work CS2 or LR as I really have no idea whatsoever!!! Will is your man to question/interrogate on either. LOL.

    Loving that photomontage. You must be able to find something in there somewhere to sort the lighting out.

    You'll have to speak nice to my hubster for a lesson on LR when you come down.



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