Sunday 25 January 2009

I've been tagged...

Today, I got a message from the lovely Jane, saying I've been tagged...

This tag requires me to go to my photos folder number 6 and photo number 6, and display on here. Then I get to tag 5 people!

Funny thing is, I've actually just put all my files and photos on to a disc, preparing for this laptop to go to the menders tomorrow.. so I'll just insert my cd and take a look on there at my files.. does that pass?

Right then.... Photos - folder 6 - photo 6...

Now I have to explain the photo.. Well, it is a photo of my Grandma Edith Torr. As you can see it was taken June 1934, when she was a nurse at the hospital in Melton Mowbray. From what I can see, it was the hospital fete, but that's all I can tell you, other than my nanna is the one holding onto the fete sign, on the right.

In fact, I have a lot to thank my nanna for. She was the one who invested time and love to bring out the creative side of me. She drew with us, sewed, painted, read, lots of things with lots of love and passion. I feel very proud to have known and loved her for 13 years of my life until she passed away. I also feel sorry that my beloved hubby and children never had the honour of meeting such a wonderful lady.

Now.. I have to tag five people.. Only five?? If you visit my blog, please consider yourself tagged and let me know when you've posted so I can take a visit.


  1. Wow, what a fab photo Jo, she sounds like a remarkable lady!! Thankyou for sharing this precious picture with us all

  2. Wow what a lovely photo to have.

    Jane :0)


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