Friday 30 January 2009

Feeling like a Techno misfit

This morning, I'm equally as unhappy and grumpy as I was yesterday afternoon!

Why? You may ask...

Well, yesterday started off quite well, with a bit of blog browsing around the OWOH sites, and I came across a few that I took a fancy to. So, in good old traditional style, I clicked to put them into my favourites.

Later on, after watching Home and Away (like you do... ) I decided that maybe I should really try to tidy up my favourite list. Shock Horror... my 'blog' section had fallen to the bottom of my box! So, I clicked on it to highlight it (remembering I am not on my lappy, I'm on DD's) and tried to pull it up to where it should be... only for the little bugger to stick it's heels in and refuse to move! So, I thought stuff it, closed the box, opened it again and hey presto.. my stupid little 'blog' box has gotten the hump and removed itself altogether.

Maybe I've upset it somewhat by trying to show it who's boss, but it's most definately not there.. I've gone through all the other boxes/subcat's that are on my list and it's taken a vacation to Timbucktoo. (Mmmm.. is that really a place? Is that where all missing things go?? Maybe my pink teddy is there that I had when I was five? Or the little Tiny Tears doll I decided to perform brain surgery on when I was 10? I mean, I gave her pen stitches and everything and she still disappeared on me... maybe the cut off fingers were a little bit too much???)

So.. this morning, I've tried again, and nope.. it's still got the hump and not come home.. Now panic has settled in because I don't have a 'blog' list on my favourites..

Why is it that such a great four letter word causes so much grief? I mean, I hate other four letter words, like WASH, COOK, IRON, so why does BLOG - or lack of it - in this case mean so much??

The blogs that were in there I know off by heart, and I reckon it's just because it saves me typing it into the search bar.

Anyway, rant over.. just felt like off loading that little outburst! Smiling again now to create another Blog List!

And just in case you were wondering - which actually, you probably weren't.. here's what my Tiny Tears started off life as.

Now.. doesn't that bring back lots of happy memories? Toys just aren't the same today!

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