Wednesday 10 December 2008

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree.....

How very very pretty you are!

We put ours up at the weekend, and Martina decided she wanted to have a go at some long exposure photography.. so here we go!

This is one of our baubles.. playing with the macro lens. Not bad for her first try eh?
Getting arty with the tree.. a 6 second exposure combined with a zoom in effect on the lens whilst taking the photograph. This photo didn't turn out too bad at all really.. first time for her trying this technique. We also tried doing some light trails, but light trails are light trails, so I'm not sharing those..
Merry Christmas everyone.. lol..


  1. You make me want to find my camera instruction book and see what I can do with it!

  2. Brilliant photography..! Merry Christmas….


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