Monday 27 October 2008

What a weekend!

I don't know about you, but I had quite a good weekend! I was not working, and although I can't exactly remember what I did on Saturday, other than visiting family to drop off my nephews birthday card, I think it was a good day!

Sunday wasn't too bad.. I began by doing the family run - youngest daughter and friend dropped off at the Dome to go swimming, eldest daughter dropped off at work at the Outlet, then straight onto the Craft Fair at the Deaf School.. Hmmmmm.. what a disappointment! There must have been around 8 stalls at the most, and a handful of people walking around.. the light was so bad (yellow!) inside the hall that I ended up with a migraine! Of the few stalls that were there, there was quite a few nice things, but nothing special. So.. I came home twenty minutes later with nothing to show for my gallavanting!!

Roll on next weekend to the show of shows! It's the Witchcraft show at the Dome.. fantastic every time and never ever a disappointment!

Anyway, now that the infamous birthday card has been delivered, I can now show you all.
The card itself was made into a tri fold card, with scallops around the edge. The papers are Dovecraft mens papers.


  1. Great card Jo i bet he loved it :)
    Val xxx

  2. Fab card love the scallop edge to the card. Great layout. Also like the detail of the mud! lol



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