Wednesday 3 October 2012

ooooh what a day!

Isn't it strange how you rely on something so simple like a bit of electricity?

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster zone here - the house went very quiet with a little bit of a pop yesterday afternoon and we didn't have any more power at all until around half past two this morning. I think it's strange how desperate my darlin' daughter was getting because she had no phone charge, no computer.. lol.. just funny how you get to rely on things.

I spent the afternoon thinking, that's okay because I can make a few cards.. whoops.. no light. Oh well, I can read. Whoops. No light. Hey ho, I'll play games on my mobile.. oh dear. No charge. So it was quite strange doing things like 'nothing'.. lol.

So, there we have the reason we had no post yesterday, but I'm here today to share a few cards with you.

I thought I'd show you these fantastic fabric papers from Papermania today... I loves them loads!! They are a self adhesive paper - sticky on the back, fabric on the front! And they make your cards look awesome!
Here I've used the Home for Christmas hearts fabric onto kraft cardstock - the red goes perfectly with the brown!

I also decided to add a Dinky the Donkey to the card and one of the brilliant glitterments sentiment panels. These are all christmassy and glittery and have the most wonderful sentiments on them too.

See the texture of the fabric? It really makes your cards looks great and a little more tactile.
Here's another little quick card that I've made using a couple of different patterns.

My favourite pattern from the Home for Christmas set this year is the background on the above card. It's such a generic pattern, and the red and greys match perfectly. So lovely.

And here's  a little close up for you of the patterned heart paper.

 The decoupage on this little card was from the Moments of Faith christmas range. These are quite traditional images which again, match perfectly with the fabrics.

See that I also cut the circle? Yes.. the sticky back fabric also goes through your die cut machine, and you can turn it over and emboss it too - just like paper but very lovely!!

Until next time... xxx


  1. I know what you mean about getting to rely on things...we had no phones or internet for a week a couple of weeks ago, it was awful ! I saw the fabric paper on C & C, it certainly does look good on your cards which are, as always, lovely :o) xx

  2. oh so the cross stitched and quilted look of the cards!!! xxxx ;-)


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