Friday 26 October 2012

a card a day.... I'm keeping up!

Oh Sigh.... what a day already - I've been up bright and early ready to get my calculator powered on for the dreaded job of tax returns....!! Three hours later, I'm all done, entered and sorted..

Onto the rest of the day, and I have quite a bit of work to get through for this upcoming week... demo samples to concentrate on, work to finish for some more exciting filming of Creativity TV in a couple of weeks, and projects and demo's for a few shows on Create and Craft. Oh, and cleaning. Did I say that out loud?? Heck.. it must be desperate!

Anyway, onto today's cards and I thought I'd show you a few more of my Christmas cards. This card a day page on Facebook is doing me well... it's definately giving me the 'oomph' that I needed...

So here's card number one - another cutesy Santa card..

Another little pet hate of mine - using tags on the front of cards - but again, I think it works quite well on this. There was a little gap on the side of the image to slot one on top, finished off with a red gingham bow.

Oh look at ol' Santa with his holey socks and hot chocolate. Such an adorable image. And so is this one too -

Sorry about the glare on the mirror card, it was taken on my mobile... the image is soooo adorable - lots of cuteness going on here - and anyone who knows me, knows I love cute!

The doggie looks like a little spaniel - but I love the duck!!! Mega cute!!

The card background came in with a kit and I love that it had the borders already done - very quick and easy.

Well... I hope you can pop along to the new group on Facebook - get blogging with us, it's great fun and just a little bit inspiring.. lol.


  1. Lovely cards, with such sweet little images :) Oh no, I really have to make some C word cards now :(
    Anice xx

  2. Wow lovely cards Jo :-) I made one today!! :-) xx

  3. Wow lovely cards Jo :-) I made one today!! :-) xx

  4. Wow lovely cards Jo :-) I made one today!! :-) xx

  5. Can't decide which card i like more! They both are sooo darn cute!!! xxx ;-)

  6. Poor Santa with a hole in his sock. Great cards.

  7. Ha ha love Santa with a hole in his sock. Love the cuteness of the cards.
    Sue x

  8. It's so darn (haha) annoying when you find a hole in your favourite socks :(
    He's such a jolly Santa that he's got to be my fave of these cards

  9. ooooo they are all so cute jo!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx


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