Thursday 14 June 2012

Q... for Quilling? Quilting? Qwoss Stitch?

You know, I really don't know where the time is going recently - it seems to be absolutely flying!! I have had a quiet week all considered, so decided to have a play along with the Docrafts Alphabet challenge... and we are currently upto letter Q.. okay, so I have A to P to complete, but I don't think that will be this week!

Anyway.. here's my card for you.

As you can see, I have cut up the backing paper into 2cm squares, inked around the edges then remounted onto a piece of white card. This was for the Quilting section of the challenge. The quilled flowers were for the Quilling (obviously!)... here it is in more detail..

After the background was stuck onto the card, I did a little doodling to create faux stitching. The centres of the flowers are adhesive pearls. The flowers were created by using the XCUT quilling die. I love the dimension that these flowers give.

To finish, I added some lace that was given to me by a lovely lady at one of my demos in Derby. The bows were from ribbon given by the same lady.

I hope you like the card - I enjoyed doing it even if it was a tad fiddly.. !

Just one other little thing... a birdy... in fact one of my starlings from the garden.

I was sat outside the other day with my camera trying to get a photo of a robin, and this little cheeky chappie came and sat on the fence.. it sat watching me for a while whilst the babies were all feeding, so I took the opportunity of getting a quick snap.

I just think the colours of the starling are beautiful - a little like oil on water. It's such a shame that the starlings are in decline (and thankfully not solely due to the stupid sparrowhawk that keeps visiting the garden!) particularly in the south and west of Britain. They are greedy, messy eaters who relish the meal worms and peanut paste that I put out for them.. such odd little characters, but I love to see them.

Anyway.. until next time - I do have some other cards to share too, so I know it'll probably be tomorrow. xx


  1. Fabulous card Jo! The photo of the starling is stunning and I agree the colours remind me of oil on water too.

    Linda xxxx

  2. ooh loving the card and you're so right about the oil on water .... beautiful birds ! xx

  3. Love your card Jo, gorgeous colours, and love the lace and ribbons x

  4. Fabulous card Jo love the flowes and quilting too and the phot is great xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Gorgeous card Jo. Love the flowers and pearls and the quilting. Love the starling too. Stunning colours. It's so lovely when they do sit like that and ya get a chance to snap them. The other day myself & my daughter were out walking across a field and we were beside a hedge. We stopped to decide which direction we'd take and a HUGE dragonfly flew in front of my face and landed on a branch right beside my head. I had to stand back to take the photo as I was too close. Never been so close to one before. Love nature.

  6. What a lovely card and i like how you used lace on it too. As for the starling....I just love all wildlife and starlings are beautiful. It's a great photo.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Deleted the previous comment as it was missing words : Love the card and the photo of the starling if FAB!!! They just come in my garden just as I have hung it out and poop on it :) LOL!

      Ohps should have read ... the photo of the starling IS FAB!! They just come in my garden just as I have hung the washing out and poop on it ... :)

  8. Great card Jo and I love what you've done with the backing paper, such a good idea. I too love watching the birds in my garden....we have swallows living here at the moment, such funny little creatures :)

  9. Gorgeous card hon, love the quilled flowers over the stamped image, super idea! :)
    I was thinking of petrol as soon as I saw the photo, so we're on the same wavelength, worrying isn't it! ;) Ni. xx

  10. Beautiful card Sweetie.... love the bird, i'm lucky, we get lots of different birds in our garden x

  11. Lovely card Jo, im loving lace at the moment, such a fab up close photo :) Tweet Tweet little birdy :) xxx

  12. Well well well my darlin Jo...come to Canada and you can have as many of my starlings as ya want! I've got way too many of these birds coming to my feeders and scarin off the songbirds and chippies! Even if you did take such a lovely pic of them! Didn't know they could be so colourful! Beautiful card too doll xoxoxo hugz from all of us in Canada xxxxLesley

  13. Absolutely lovely card, Abi thinks so too - she is nuzzling the laptop because I have stopped stroking her! I am into lace and flowers too - the Q challenge is proving a bit of a poser - may try quilting! The starlings are a lovely bird - we are lucky we have a hundred feed locally every day, they sit on the telephone wires and look like 'The Birds'. xxx

  14. A very beautiful card. and love your photo of the Starling.

  15. Love your card and your picture!


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