Thursday 7 June 2012

I just really needed to share this...

You know I love my pupsters. Well, I just needed to share this beautiful photo that my daughter took whilst out walking the furbabies... Isn't it just wonderful?


  1. Wow Jo she is lovely - I love woofers too - warm wishes - Margaret

  2. Beautiful colours in the photo, perfect for scrapbooking! ;)

  3. Oh how i miss you all and all the woofers too!!! Haven't been able to get into read your blog for the longest time as i keep getting redirected to that "other" Jo Austin!!! Been lookin for you online in Facebook....but when i go to chat to you you've gone *poof*! Guess you're not in there much anymore? We must make time for a good chinwag and catch up with each other! I've finaly got my family room and kitchen painted so all thats left of downstairs is the hall! Love my kitchen now! Finally i can read your blog again and keep caught up! Love you all with hugz n kisses
    xoxoxoxo Lesley


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