Tuesday 15 November 2011

Doodling or something else?

Near enough all my life I have had a pen in my hand, and if I'm doing anything - be it schoolwork, college work, or just general notes and diary filling, I doodle. I remember years ago, the front of my paying in book for the bank was plain white, and over a period of months I gradually filled it with lines, swirls, dots, doodles and anything else in between.

I doodle when I'm thinking of what to do, in those blank moments when your mind goes 'errrmm.....' and I find it a bit of a release somehow. I like to keep the fingers busy and doodling is perfect for it.

To me, it is doodling... to everyone else, it is now known as zentangling. Why is that?!

People are making money from it, writing books for it, teaching people to do it, and honestly... it's been around for years! So what's the difference between doodling and zentangling? Not alot me thinks other than I can doodle on anything I wish, whatever size I'd like.. and zentangling is more structured.

I love the look. But I will keep calling my 'tangling' a doodle because that's what it is. Some people doodle houses, squares, circles, shapes.. I do all of them together, then doodle inside the doodles.

If you're unsure of what I'm on about, check out this site HERE to find out more about zentangling.

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