Saturday 4 December 2010

What a suprise!

Hello again.. how are we all?

Don't you sometimes put things somewhere, only to unearth them a few years later thinking you'd lost it forever?

That's the thing with my Magic Wand.. Yes, I have a wand. It's one that I used a long, long time ago to put gems onto my youngest daughters Ballroom dress that I made. I had totally forgot that I had it until someone mentioned one last month. I thought to myself 'I've got one of those', so went into my studio to hunt it out.

And I found it!

And it still had some gems left in the box!

So, here's what I did with it. The red gems are placed with the wand, and as they were preglued and set with heat, it is dead easy to do.


The teddy was another one from the Sheffield shop which we did on our stamping class.The ribbon is the new organza in the Stampin' Up catalogue.. rather luscious it is too.

Here's a close up -


So Christmassy.... and until next time, that's it for now... See you soon!

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