Monday 6 December 2010

Dingle... dangle... bobbly bits..



Don't you just love them?

Well, I do when they're not hanging from my guttering! Next door had some amazing ones, absolutely loads, hanging down around 12 inches in length.. but this small one was hanging from my Studio roof.

And as for the Bobbly bits? Guess who they belong to?


Yes... you guessed. The Furballs. Here are a few quick shots of the wooflets playing in the snow. (Alas, none of Truly as she loves the snow so much she won't sit to have her piccie taken.. daft dog!)


Oh bless. The top pic is Scooby being a typical cheeky boy.. and the bottom is Holly - look at those lickle bobbles.. Looking more like a Poodle every minute! So cute.


Mummy, I'm camera shy.. tell me when you've finished and I'll pull my head out of the snow... !


Scooby has bobbly bits too - and such affectionate eyes, don't ya think? Beautiful.

And my favouritest photo of the day? This one -


Perfect for a Christmas card (watch this space!) Beautiful, Handsome Mr Scoobs..

Hope you like them. Promise a card or three is next on the agenda.

1 comment:

  1. WOW JO!!!
    We haven't had that much snow here in Canada yet!!! The furballs are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!! Miss you all so much!!! You're cards are a work of art as always!!!! Glad to see a new blog so i can catch up on whats new...i'm still practicing with the lovely pencils n markers n stamps u gave me!!! But i'm nowhere near as creative as you!
    Hugz sis oxoxoxoxo chat soon i hope! love, Wilma oxox0


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