Sunday 13 July 2008

Oooooh.... drastic!

Hahaha... I got up this morning with a bit of a cleaning frenzy buzzing around. Usually, I don't tend to do alot of anything on a Sunday morning - cuppa tea, watch Countryfile, cuppa coffee, check emails, cuppa coffee -- you get the picture??

Anyway, this morning, I pulled out all the sofa and hoovered underneath - I can't believe how much grub gets under it from one week to the next. (actually.. yep I think I can - we have two springers and a cocker - say no more!)

Next, I decided I was going to have a bit of a tidy in the kitchen - which led to total destruction of me kitchen! First went out all the pots and pans that needed renewing, next was the top of the cupboards - why is it everything gets put up there and forgotten about! There were mixing bowls and cake storers galore... so they got chucked. Then I decided the slow cooker was getting changed for a smaller one, so the old one has now gone. As has alot of other bits and pieces that have never seen light of day for weeks! It sorta reminded me of this -

My new rule has to be - if it's not used in six months, throw it!

My kitchen now looks very very tidy, the house is clean, and I am feeling a bit chuffed with myself!!

Now then..... where's me cuppa tea?!


  1. Don't you love the feeling of a clean house. Just sit back and relax...till everybody comes home.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day Jo. I did the same - but at the bottom of the garden !! Love the photo - lol

  3. Joanne, I need to take your lead girl! I also agree if you haven't used it in the last year guess what you don't need it (except when it comes to my craft supply...LOL). But I so need to clean out my kitchen! Congrats on decluttering!

  4. Glad you enjoy a sunday morning cup of tea infront of Countryfile. All hail the Craven.

    Found your blog when searching for Countryfile on Google.

    Do you read the Countryfile magazine too?



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