Saturday 5 July 2008

The Beauty of Arran

I've been playing with my photos this morning, and thought I would share a few whilst I'm sat here having a quiet, restful morning..
It was tiring on the day we went.. all the pupsters were pleased to be able to flake out! We set off from home at 7.30 and arrived at the cottage around 3pm.
This was the view over towards the top of Kintyre. It is just along from the cottage. Beautiful
The little visitor who came to see us every morning for his peanuts.. They only have red squirrels on Arran, no grey ones. This little one is a boy.. how do I know? Because he has a belly button! (aka his little winky!)

The cheekiest little darling you could come across! This is Honey the Red Deer, resident of Lochranza. I just love this photo - just as it came off the camera, no photoshop!

This was Honey and Martina.. the cottage is in the background. She came strolling over for her little treats. She is beautiful and so delicate for her size.

This handsome guy was running up the middle of road in front of the car. We followed him up towards the golf course, where he stayed for a graze.

Just look at the fluffy baby! How sweet. The family are always resident on the Loch and had had two babies. This is the only one which is left.. grow strong small baby! So cute!
This is Holly and the view from the garden of the cottage. It is just a lovely view to wake up to. Judy you're so lucky!!This is a wide view of Lochranza, taken by Paul. He was walking over to Fairy Glen and took this panoramic.. wonderful!

Holly and Scooby having a play time at Catacol Beach.. it was empty this evening, apart from us and the dogs..
We took a long walk over to Kings Cave near Blackwaterfoot.. it was a beautiful day. Here's Scooby having a rest on the cliffs at the seaside.

This was the view from along the beach.

A couple of hours into the walk was tiring... Martina and Truly looking out towards Kintyre. Taken from another viewpoint.. the village is Machrie (I think).. will have to check.

This was taken at Glenashdale falls. What a magnificent view. It is 200ft from top to bottom! I'm so glad that water isn't dropping on my head.. the walk up there was bad enough!

We did have a little bit of rain whilst we were there.. Usually this bit of water at Sannox is a little stream.. not a wild gush as it was on this day!

This is a view over towards the main town of Brodick, where the ferry comes in.

That's all for now.. thank you for looking - and as you can tell, we did have such a wonderful time until the 'car' thing!


  1. Wow, some great photography you have there, I'm so envious of your talent!

  2. Beautiful photos Jo.

    SBS19 Sister

  3. Youlook like you had a wonderful holiday!

    We went to Arran a few years ago and I loved it and think about it often. I dream of going again.

    The header on my blog is of Arran (I can't remember where)


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